Interested in Supporting the PAATA (formerly DVATA)?

This year the PAATA is offering a new way to support the growing field of art therapist in the state of Pennsylvania. If you are a student, new professional, allied professional, or interested in supporting the field of art therapy, we encourage you to sponsor PAATA toward states licensure and to become engaged in the art therapy community here in Pennsylvania.

Thinking about becoming a PAATA member?

Becoming a sponsor of PAATA gives you access to our local art therapy social media network, similar to the MyAATA page offered by our national organization. Through this resources, you are able to access forums to exchange information, directives, and/or emerging research in the field of art therapy. Additionally, this sponsorship role helps to extend our network of art therapist through interactive profiles and messaging. This application allows for emerging, current, or perspective art therapists to engage in supportive dialogue and collaborate toward a stronger future for art therapist across the state. This sponsorship allows individuals interested in supporting PAATA without making the full commitment to membership.

How do I sponsor PAATA?

If you are interested in this new opportunity, follow the link below to sign up!

Benefits include:

  • Access to the PAATA membership profile and forums
  • Notification about upcoming PAATA sponsored events
  • Access to PAATA events at a discounted rate
  • Participation in survey’s regarding future PAATA projects
  • Support PAATA and PAATLC toward state licensure!

Cost: $50.00

*Sponsorship does not include access to private practice or supervisory listings, current jobs forums, ability to vote on PAATA by-laws or hold a position on the PAATA Board.